We offer services in all areas of inspection, restoration, auditing, and custom computer programing for companies of all sizes. Please take the time to get to know some of our important services, these services are listed below.

Pole Inspection & Maintenance (Wood, Metal, Concrete)

Historicaly QPI&M safety inspections of poles (or towers), no matter the material, are conducted to evaluate the presence or absence of deterioration for the last 15 years. Once found QPI&M uses industry leading materials to arrest the deterioration to extend the life of the structure in question. If needed other maintenance can be conducted so that the structures can be restored to its original design . Please feel free to contact us for any service needed or simply use our email ( to add us to your bid list.


Geospatial Data Applications

We know data, valuble information that is obtained from the field can be projected into your company's electronic format and downloaded at the click of a mouse. From audits to developing strategies for inspection frequency, we combine ourexpertise and data managment that allow GIS departments to operate with ease. We also provide smaller customers the opportunity to view and mange their data with QPIM's GIS System (Dual View), find and stake your poles with less trips to the field.


QPI&M is a certified installer of many of the top reinforcement technologies. Check with QPI&M professinals to see if reject poles can be restored back to serviceable strength at a fraction of the expense of replacement. We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers so that projects are finished on time and in the sepcified budget.


Software Applications

QPI&M likes to add value to our customers; we have developed many new software programs that allow our customers to obtain valuable information from inventory of overhead facilities, streetlight information, and safety audits. Our programs have allowed our customers to save time as well as recover valuable dollars. From protection of assets to protection of workers in the work place, QPI&M can generate quality custom software at affordable prices that operate in a computer environment that you are accustomed. Have an idea, give us a call and let us design your project.

Inventory Analysis

QPI&M's inventory management allows the inspector to collect general facility data, meter pole locations (along with readings), and streetlight fixtures, bulbs, associated hardware and operational status into the GIS system. Similar custom programs can generally be built within 7-14 days.

Corrosion Inspection and Repair

(Steel Poles, Towers, Cabinets, Ancors, and Pad Mounts) Clean, Inspect, Design and Repair, our structural engineer has experience from trains to bridges and all the poles and towers in between.